Believe continued

3/18/2018   Bible Study notes

3/11/2018   Prayer notes

3/4/2018   Worship notes



2/25/2018   Time notes


Making Change (continued)

2/18/2018   Tomorrow Matters notes

2/11/2018   Giving is Good notes


Football Sunday

2/4/2018   Seek Surrender Serve notes          If you missed Football Sunday watch it here.


Making Change

1/28/2018   Stress is Bad notes

1/21/2018   Less is More notes


My Story

1/14/2018   Rescued notes


Believe Series

1/7/2018   Eternity notes


Believe Series

12/3/2017   Stewardship notes

11/26/2017   Compassion notes

11/19/2017   Humanity notes

11/12/2017   Church notes

11/5/2017   Identity in Christ notes


5th Sunday (Kids Sunday)

10/29/2017   Prince of Egypt notes


Believe Series

10/22/2017   The Bible notes


Getting U Ready – Pastor David Federico

10/15/2017   Getting U Ready notes


Believe Series

10/01/2017   Salvation notes

09/24/2017   Personal God notes

09/17/2017   God notes


Kickoff Sunday

09/10/2017   Kickoff sunday notes


The End Series

06/04/2017   Snapshots from Revelation notes

05/28/2017   The End notes

05/21/2017   Return of Christ notes


Mother’s Day

05/14/2017   A Real Mom notes


Unrecognizable – Pastor David Federico

05/07/2017   Unrecognizable notes


5th Sunday  (Kids Sunday)

04/30/2017   Love is Patient notes


The Case for Christ Series

04/09/2017   Investigating the Case for Christ notes


Dangerous Prayers

04/02/2017   Send me notes

3/26/2017   Break me notes

3/19/2017   Search me notes


To Be First – Pastor Dave Federico

3/12/2017   To be the First Growth Group Questions


Cal Hohn  – Cameroon Baptist Convention

3/5/2017   Joining God on Mission notes



2/12/2017   Important over Urgent notes


Football Sunday

2/5/2017   Football Sunday 2017 notes  Watch Football Sunday here:


5th Sunday (Kids Sunday)

1/29/2017   Finding Family notes



1/22/2017   Discipline over Regret notes

1/15/2017   Surrender over Control notes

1/8/2017   Purpose over Popularity notes


Everyday Church (1 Peter)

11/13/2016   Everyday Leaders notes

11/06/2016   Everyday Life notes


5th Sunday (Kids Sunday)

10/30/2016   The Pumpkin Parable notes


Everyday Church (1 Peter)

10/23/2016   Everyday Evangelism notes

10/16/2016   Everyday Mission notes

10/09/2016   Everyday As Community notes

10/02/2016   Everyday in the Neighborhood notes

09/25/2016   Everyday Life At the Margins notes


09/18/2016   going-all-in-notes


Fall Growth Groups Session (September 4 – October 15th)




5th Sunday (Kidz Club Cave Quest Finale)

07/31/2016   Cave Quest notes



07/24/2016   Unfriending notes

07/17/2016   One Friend Away notes

07/10/2016   Friend Request notes


Free to Be Series (Galatians) continued

06/05/2016   Staying Free Growth notes


5th Sunday (Kids Sunday)

05/29/2016   Lost and Found notes


Free to Be Series (Galatians) continued

05/22/2016   Children of Freedom notes

05/15/2016   The Promise of Freedom notes


05/08/2016   Psalm 107 notes

05/01/2016   Do This notes


God Never Said That series

04/24/2016   It doesnt matter what you believe notes

04/17/2016   It doesnt matter what you do notes

04/10/2016   God Won’t Give you more than you can handle notes

04/03/2016   God Wants you Happy notes



03/27/2016  I’ve Got some Good News notes


Free to be series (Galatians)

03/20/2016   Free from Religion notes

03/13/2016   Freedom Fighters notes

03/06/2016   Free to be me notes

02/28/2016   Good News is Free notes


SuperBowl Sunday

02/07/2016   Football Sunday notes


5th Sunday (Kids Sunday)

01/31/2016   The Force Awakens notes


Small Things Big Difference series

01/24/2016   Habits notes

01/17/2016   Words notes

01/10/2016   Thoughts notes


01/03/2016   What do we have in common notes


We R series

11/15/2015   We R Biblical notes

11/08/2015   We R Contributors notes

11/01/2015   We R Faith Filled notes


Party on…

10/25/2015   Late to the Party notes


10/11/2015   Heart of worship notes

10/04/2015   Invited to the Party notes

09/27/2015   Keep Calm and Party On notes

09/20/2015   Lets Get this Party Started notes


09/13/2015   TEAM notes (Kickoff Sunday)

09/06/2015   When Giving isnt Giving notes

08/30/2015   Everest notes  (Kids Camp Finale)

08/23/2015   Why Kids Matter to God notes



08/16/2015   How we help each other grow notes


The Story

05/24/2015  When a Disciple Loses Hope notes

05/17/2015   What is a Disciple notes

05/10/2015   Honor Your Momma notes

05/03/2015   The End of Time notes

04/26/2015   Pauls Final Days notes

04/19/2015   Paul’s Mission notes

04/12/2015   New Beginnings notes

04/05/2015   The Resurrection notes

03/29/2015   Hour of Darkness notes

03/22/2015   Jesus Son of God notes

03/15/2015   No Ordinary man notes

03/08/2015   Jesus Ministry Begins notes

03/01/2015   Birth of the King notes

02/22/2015   Rebuilding the wall notes


02/08/2015   The Return Home notes

02/01/2015   Daniel in Exile notes  (Football Sunday)

01/25/2015   The Kingdoms Fall notes

01/18/2015   Beginning of the end notes

01/11/2015   Gods messengers notes

01/04/2015   A Kingdom torn in two notes


11/16/2014   Faith of a Foreign Woman notes

11/09/2014   A few good men and women notes

11/02/2014   The Battle Begins notes

10/26/2014   Wandering notes

10/19/2014   New Commands and a New Covenant notes

10/12/2014   Deliverance notes

10/05/2014   From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh notes

09/28/2014   God builds a new nation notes

09/21/2014   Begins with a Big Bang notes

09/14/2014   Deal or No Deal notes


I am Jesus (continued)

05/18/2014   I am the Light notes


Mothers Day

05/11/2014   The Glue of Life notes  (Pastor Steve Kellar)


I am Jesus

05/04/2014   I am the Vine notes

04/27/2014   I am the Good Shepherd notes

04/20/2014   I am the Resurrection notes (Easter)


Just Walk Across the Room (continued)

04/13/2014   The Power of Story notes

04/06/2014   Living in 3D notes


Family Sunday

03/30/2014   A Happy Meal notes


Just Walk Across the Room

03/23/2014   The Ultimate Walk notes


Once Upon a Marriage (Continued)

03/02/14   Power Struggle notes


02/23/2014   This is Our God Notes

Once Upon a Marriage

02/16/2014   When Life doesn’t go as Planned notes

02/09/2014   Finding the One notes


Superbowl Sunday

02/02/2014   Talking Trash notes



01/26/2014   Elisha get your edge back notes

01/19/2014   Elisha Empty Jars notes

01/12/2014   Elisha Digging Ditches notes

01/05/2014   Elisha – Incredible Faith notes

Growing Roots

11/17/2013   The Giving Tree notes

11/10/2013   Living the Adventure notes

11/03/2013   Preparing for a Miracle notes


10/13/2013   A good name is better notes

10/06/2013   Wisdom is Better than Gold notes

09/29/2013   Patience is Better notes

09/22/2013   Better is one handful notes

09/15/2013   Better is one day notes


05/26/2013   Born Identity notes

05/19/2013   Being Berean Small Group Questions  (Pastor Steve Kellar)

05/12/2013   The Perfect Woman notes

05/05/2013   Psalm 150 Growth Group notes  (CBU Womens Choir Concert)


Raising G Rated Kids in an R Rated World

04/28/13   Influencing Spiritual Development notes

04/21/13   10 mistakes parents make pt2 notes

04/14/13   10 mistakes parents make notes

04/07/13   Building lasting values into todays kids notes


The Bible (coinciding with the History Channel Miniseries)

03/31/2013  EASTER  Journey from Darkness to light notes

Growth Groups Break

03/10/2013   Journey from Slavery to Freedom notes

03/03/2013   State of Redemption Notes


02/24/2013   Chazown notes

02/17/2013   Into the Wilderness notes



02/10/2013   Failing Forward notes

02/03/2013   Small Steps to a Big Destruction notes

01/27/2013   Emotions that take strong men down notes

01/20/2013   When Strong Men are Weak notes

01/13/2013   Sorry no Audio

01/06/2013   Longevity Prosperity and Peace notes



11/11/2012   Weird view of Time notes

11/04/2012   Weird view of Money notes

10/28/2012   Weird way to God notes

10/21/2012   Weird Desires notes

10/14/2012   Weird is Better notes

10/07/2012   Weird notes


09/30/2012   Fruit Ninja notes

09/23/2012   House of Prayer notes

09/16/2012   Sincerely Paul notes

09/09/2012   Avatar notes


05/6/2012   Finish the Work notes

04/29/2012   Defeating Discouragement notes

04/22/2012   Leader in you notes

04/15/2012   An Ordinary Guy notes

04/8/2012   Not of this world notes


03/11/2012   Breaking the bondage of Debt notes

03/04/2012   Basics of Biblical Finance notes


02/19/2012   Still free to BBQ notes

02/12/2012   Mistakes Mistakes Mistakes notes


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